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Conference Follow-up

Materials from the conference workshops and field trips now available.

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Available now - Over 1,600 regionally
relevant fire science and fire management
documents in a searchable database.

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New Calculations for Wildland Firefighter Safety Zones

New research about safety zones on slopes
should provide an extra margin of safety for
all wildland fire personnel.
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Synthesis of Crown Fire
Behavior in Conifer Forests
Special Issue of Fire Management Today includes
8 articles intended to increase the understanding
of how fire regimes relate to crown fires and
improve management of extreme fire behavior.
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What's New

The NRFSN released a new science review: The Effect of Previous Wildfires on Subsequent Wildfire Behavior and Post-Wildfire Recovery, authored by: Camille Steven-Rumann, Susan Prichard, and Penny Morgan.  Read it

Cover of NRFSN science review No. 1

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