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Current Issue

October 2017

  • Lubrecht Fuel Treatment Effects Field Trip
  • Call for Proposals: 2nd Cohesive Strategy Workshop
  • Fire Ecology and Management Congress Workshops
  • IFTDSS Version 3.0 Released
  • Montana 2017 Climate Assessment Released
  • Wilderness Fire - 45th White Cap Reunion
  • Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory Renovations
  • 2017 Fire Season - Numbers to Date
  • NRFSN New Staff Members


Past Issues

May 2017

  • Era of Megafires - Montana Tour
  • Save the Date - Fuel Treatment Effects Field Tour
  • A Century of Wildland Fire Research
    2017 Fire Outlook for the Northern Rockies
  • Meet the Montana Forest Collaborative Network
  • FireSafe Montana Launches New Website
  • National Legacy Award to Dr. Jack Cohen
  • NRFSN Coordinator Moving On

March 2017

  • Era of Megafires Multi-Media Presentation
  • Call for Post-Fire Tree Mortality Data 
  • Modifying LANDFIRE Data: Guide & Webinar
  • Fundamental Research on How Wildfires Spread
  • National Cohesive Strategy Workshop
  • FireWorks Workshop - June 15-16

January 2017

  • Whitebark Pine Workshop Recordings Available
  • Cohesive Strategy Workshop
  • Sage-Grouse Habitat Burned in 2016
  • Gender Discrimination in Wildland Fire
  • At a Glance - Southwestern Crown Collaborative
  • National Wilderness Training Center Staff Changes
  • New Lessons Learned Center Assistant Director

September 2016

  • Landscape-level Fuels Workshop
  • Wilderness Fire - Learning from the Past
  • 2nd International Smoke Symposium
  • New Releases from FEIS
  • LANDFIRE Review of Big Sagebrush Ecosystems
  • WindNinja Mobile App Available
  • 2017 JFSP Funding Opportunities
  • 2016 Yellowstone Fire Season

June 2016

  • Field Trip and Workshop - Wilderness Fire in the Bob Marshall
  • Research Brief - Wildland Fire as a Fuel Treatment
  • At a Glance - Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation
  • News - Missoula Fire Lab Scientist Transitions

May 2016

  • 2016 NR Season Wildfire Outlook
  • Interactive Community Mapping Tool
  • Smoke Symposium Call for Presentations
  • Decision Support Training Opportunities
  • FireWorks Educational Trunk - Master Class
  • Wilderness Fire Science Webinar
  • 2016 JFSP Funded Projects in the NR
  • JFSP Staffing Updates

February 2016

  • Missoula Technology & Development Center Tour
  • FEIS Now Searchable by Fire Regime
  • Travel Grants - Fire Behavior & Fuels Conference
  • Travel Grants - Collaborative Restoration Workshop
  • 2015 NR Fire Season - Final Numbers
  • 2015 Wildfire Spending
  • At a Glance - Rocky Mountains CESU

November 2015

  • Yellowstone Fire Ecology Field Tour
  • Smoke Management and Air Quality Project 
  • Interactive Tribal Connections Map
  • LANDFIRE  Reviewing Biophysical Settings
  • At A Glance - The GYCC

September 2015

  • Join Us in Yellowstone - October 1-2 
  • Experimental Forests and Demonstration Areas
  • 2015 JFSP Funded Projects in the N. Rockies   
  • 2016 JFSP Funding Opportunities 
  • 2015 Fire Season - Numbers to Date

May 2015

  • Quadrennial Fire Review Released 
  • 2015 Season Wildfire Outlook  
  • Montana Water Supply Outlook 
  • Search NRFSN Webinar Archive
  • The GNLCC - At a Glance 

March 2015 

  • FFI Interagency Monitoring Tool Updated  
  • Smoke Can Influence Tornado Severity
  • Wildfire Risk and Fuel Treatment Analysis Workshop
  • Human Dimensions in Safety and Wildland Fire
  • FireWorks Educational Trunk - Master Class 

January 2015

  • Wildland Fuel Fundamentals and Applications  
  • Webinar - Wildfire as a Fuel Treatment
  • Network of Fire Science Champions 2015
  • At a Glance - FRAMES
  • The Big Burn to Air on PBS

November 2014

  • Bark Beetles and Fire Featured in Science
  • Reducing Wildfire Risk to Communities
  • Fire Behavior Field Reference Guide Updated
  • LANDFIRE Offers New Course in its 10th Year  
  • Safety Summit & Human Dimensions of Fire

September 2014

  • Effects of Past Fires on Fire Behavior
  • Crown Fire Behavior in Coniferous Forests
  • MTBS Announces Data Updates  
  • Fire Effects Information System  At a Glance 
  • JFSP Funding Announcement for FY 2015

July 2014

  • NRFSN Resource Database is Live
  • Mountain Pine Beetle Webinar Proceedings   
  • Boise Basin Field Tour - September 17  
  • Cross-jurisdictional Fire Management Workshop 
  • Fuel Treatment Planning and Evaluation Workshop
  • JFSP Announces Funded Projects for FY2014
  • NRFSN Receives Renewal Funding  
  • MSU Fire Science Studies — At a Glance
  • Online Fire Education for Professionals at the U of I

April 2014

  • Join us at the Large Wildland Fires Conference
  • April 23 - Final Webinar of the LANDFIRE Series
  • 2014 Fire Season Outlook   
  • QFR Comment Period Extended
  • Interagency Monitoring Tool: FFI-Lite  
  • NPS Wildland Fire Management Manual Revised  
  • Dance Teaches Fire Science
  • NRFSN Introduces New Coordinator  

October 2013

  • MTBS Announces Data Updates
  • JFSP Opens 2014 Research Funding Opportunity
  • NRFSN Research Needs Survey Results
  • Human Factors and Risk Management RD&A  At a Glance
  • UI and UM Programs Receive AFE Academic Certification

June 2013

  • You're Invited! Integrated Fuel Treatment Field Trip in Idaho
  • June 5th Webinar: Economics of Fuel Treatments 
  • Interactive Tools for Assessing Wildfire Costs
  • New Features in WFDSS 
  • SKC Fire Science Degree Program — At a Glance
  • JFSP Highlights Discoveries and Innovations
  • New Structure Wrapping Module
  • Video: RxCadre Collaborative Fire Research 

March 2013

  • Webinar Series Addresses Fuel Treatments in Mixed-Conifer Forests
  • Field Trip Invitation: Integrated Fuel Treatment in Idaho
  • UI Wildland Fire Program — At a Glance
  • New Tools from FEIS
  • Ten Years of Fire Research: The US Joint Fire Science Program
  • Dance Performance Communicates Fire Science to Students
  • "What is a Flame" Video Wins Contest

January 2013

  • FFI: An Interagency Tool for Monitoring and Data Sharing
  • Seeking Nominations for IFT-DSS Evaluation
  • New Definitions – Fire Severity and Fire Regime
  • NPS Fire Science and Ecology Program – At a Glance
  • FRAMES – A New Look and Feel
  • New JFSP Fire Science Digest on Smoke
  • JFSP Publications Available for Mobile Devices
  • JFSP Solicits Feedback on Publications
  • Behave Scientist Pat Andrews Retires
  • 2012 Fire Season and the Changing Climate

October 2012

  • Traditional Knowledge and Fire Workshop
  • Network of Fire Science Champions
  • JFSP Funding Opportunity Notices
  • WFM RDA—Who We Are and What We Do
  • Changes for NIFTT Program
  • NIFTT Tools, Online Courses, and Workshops
  • Significant Fire Year for the Northern Rockies

June 2012

  • New Research Funded by JFSP
  • NPS Updates Fire and Aviation Website
  • Online Wildland Fire Degree and Courses
  • National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis — At A Glance
  • Fire Communication Study Preliminary Results
  • Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference Available Online

April 2012

  • Welcome to the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network!
  • What We Heard During NRFSN Needs Assessment
  • JFSP Website Offers New Ways to Stay Connected
  • Missoula Fire Lab—At a Glance
  • New, Searchable Version of FEIS
  • Help Us Make Fire and Fuels Syntheses More Useful
  • Surveys Play Important Role in NRFSN Development