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Science Reviews, Briefs, & Summaries

The NRFSN develops science reviews, briefs, and summaries to summarize the best available science and current research, identify knowledge gaps, and document learning that was part of past fire science events.

Science Reviews - The NRFSN has released the first of its science reviews. Based on manager input and a review of the science, authors Camille Steven-Rumann, Susan Prichard, and Penny Morgan summarized current knowledge on the effect of previous wildfires on subsequent wildfire behavior and recovery. 

The NRFSN is in the process of developing more science reviews with subject matter experts. As the reviews are completed, we'll offer venues for discussions with authors and managers.

  • Prescribed fire in riparian ecosystems - David Pilliod and Kate Dwire
  • Managing forests to protect municipal watersheds from the negative impacts of post-fire debris flows - Dave McWethy, Charlie Luce, and James Benes
  • Climate and fire dynamics - Rachel Loehman

Research Briefs - Topic-focused reviews of current fire science research in the Northern Rockies.

Webpage Reviews - Topic-focused reviews of current Northern Rockies fire issues with access to a variety of additional supporting resources.

Field Trip Summaries - Field trips and tours hosted or co-hosted by the NRFSN are documented here.

Workshop Summaries - Field trips and tours hosted or co-hosted by the NRFSN are documented here.

Annotated Bibliographies - The NRFSN has the following annotated bibliographies in process.

  • Communicating with the public about fire - Katie Lyon, Daniel Berkman, Anne Black, Vita Wright
  • Characterizing canopy fuels - Megan Keville, Jim Riddering