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The following links offer resources related to events organized by the NRFSN and its partners.

Mar 24, 2016
The kickoff topic for this Network of Fire Science Champions call was Fire and Bark Beetle Research: A Discussion of Manager Information Needs. Presenters were Brian Harvey, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado-Boulder and Russ Parsons,...   Read more
Feb 22, 2016
The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and Northwest Fire Science Consortium teamed up with Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) staff to introduce new fire regime products and demonstrate new search functions to inform fire management planning...   Read more
Recent post-fire photo of Yellowstone National Park
Oct 1, 2015 to Oct 2, 2015
Objectives - This event was designed to create dialogue among scientists and managers and to put fire ecology research in the context of real-life limitations and situations that influence decision making and planning. Topics discussed - Fire...   Read more
Hillside burned by School fire
Apr 29, 2015
Following the 2005 School Fire that burned about 50,000 acres of forests and grasslands on the Umatilla National Forest, Washington, managers wanted to limit weed spread and soil erosion in severely burned areas. Various mulch treatments (wheat...   Read more
Forest slash fuels
Apr 14, 2015
Wildland fuels may be the most important consideration in fire management, not just because they are important inputs for predicting fire behavior (i.e., how fast and intense a fire gets), but also because fuels are the only factor that can...   Read more
Feb 26, 2015
Over the past several decades, increases in area burned in the western U.S. have caused considerable concern about forest resilience following large wildfires. This concern is especially pronounced in dry mixed-conifer forests, where the combined...   Read more
Feb 19, 2015
The kickoff topic for this Network of Fire Science Champions call was Ushering in a New Age of Wildland Fuel Science presented by Bob Keane, Research Ecologist, Missoula Fire Sciences Lab. Bob talked about his new book, Wildland Fuels Fundamentals...   Read more
USFS WO Fire & Aviation Mgmt Logo
Jan 27, 2015 to Jan 29, 2015
      The Wildfire Risk and Fuel Treatment Analysis Workshop was organized to build capacity in conducting wildfire risk assessments using the best tools and science available to inform fire and fuels management decisions. The workshop introduced...   Read more
Wilderness Burn Mosaic
Jan 21, 2015
The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and the Southwest Fire Science Consortium were pleased to host a webinar with Sean Parks, Landscape Ecologist with the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (ALWRI). This webinar was recorded. Scroll...   Read more
Jan 8, 2015
The January 8, 2015 Network of Fire Science Champions call included discussions on - Effects of past fires on the severity of subsequent fires Post-fire planning and salvage logging Resilience Updates on the Northern Rockies Fire Science...   Read more