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Webinar & Video Archive

In addition to hosting live webinars, the NRFSN catalogs Northern Rockies-relevant webinars produced by other entities. This webinar archive can be searched by presenter, date, topic, and/or ecosystem type. The archive includes recordings from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), the Wildand Fire Lessons Learned Center (WFLLC), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and other JFSP fire science exchanges.

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Tending the Wild shines light on the environmental knowledge of indigenous peoples across California by exploring how they have actively shaped and tended the land for millennia, in the process developing a deep understanding of plant and animal...
Date: December 12, 2017
Type: Video
In this webinar, Tamara Wall of the Desert Research Institute presented on a pilot project to gather Traditional Knowledge that will aid identifying adaptation strategies to increase resiliency to climate change in the Great Basin, an area already...
Presenter(s): Tamara Wall
Date: December 6, 2017
Type: Webinar
In this webinar, Frank Lake, Research Ecologist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station presented findings from the 2014 Crafting Solutions for Wildland and Prescribed Fires Across Tribal and Nontribal Jurisdictions workshop and the...
Presenter(s): Frank K. Lake
Date: December 4, 2017
Type: Webinar
This presentation aired as part of the Great Basin LCC webinar series on November 29, 2017. The presentation was given by Bruce Roundy of Brigham Young University.
Presenter(s): Bruce A. Roundy
Date: December 1, 2017
Type: Webinar
The recent Lolo Peak Fire and associated burnouts and backburnsresulted in both expected and unexpected burn patterns related to differences in forest structure, topography, and weather. It also illustrates the "perfect storm" of stifling...
Presenter(s): Stephen F. Arno
Date: November 16, 2017
Type: Seminar
This webinar highlights results from a study on the effects of fuel treatments and previously burned areas on subsequent fire management costs. Presenter Kevin Barnett and his colleagues, Helen Naughton, Sean Parks, and Carol Miller, built models...
Presenter(s): Kevin M. Barnett
Date: November 15, 2017
Type: Webinar
Since late 2015, a one dimensional model of snow pack structure, know as SNOWPACK, has been evaluated by the National Weather Service at Missoula, in collaboration with Montana State University. The model is driven by point-based output from a high-...
Presenter(s): Chris Gibson
Date: November 9, 2017
Type: Seminar
Jim Clyde, road and forestry contractor, talks about the importance and principles of good road systems in forest settings and how that can support fire tolerant forests and healthy land management.
Presenter(s): Jim Clyde
Date: November 8, 2017
Type: Webinar
Doak Nickerson, district forester for Nebraska Forest Service, talks about the 'three-legged stool' approach to creating and managing fire-tolerant forests and healthy land management in northwest Nebraska.
Presenter(s): Doak Nickerson
Date: November 2, 2017
Type: Webinar
Ben Wudtke, Director of the Black Hills Forest Resource Association, talks about the effects of thinning on creating fire-tolerant forests in northwest Nebraska.
Presenter(s): Ben Wudtke
Date: November 2, 2017
Type: Webinar