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The 68th Annual Society for Range Management Meeting: Managing Diversity will feature the following symposia, workshops, and field tours:

  • Vegetation management before and after drought - Bureau of Land Management and USDA Forest Service
  • Wildland and prescribed fire in rangeland management - Joint Fire Science Program
  • Sustainable public lands grazing: policy, management, and science - 3rd Rustici Range Science Symposium
  • Collaboration and partnerships: conservation for rangelands - California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
  • Rangeland research in Indian Country: land, cattle, and people
  • Field Tours - Restoration, Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs), Low-Stress Animal Handling, Targeted Grazing, Rangeland Soils, and Invasive Species Management

Visit the conference website for more information.

Event Details

Jan 31 2015, 12am - Feb 6 2015, 12am