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In partnership with scientists and managers, we develop and sponsor workshops and field tours. Through these events and art shows, the NRFSN brings managers and scientists together to build relationships, enhance communication, and facilitate collaboration.

There are no upcoming events sponsored by NRFSN.


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Participants standing in a circle outside discussing management issues
Jun 27 - 28, 2023Workshop
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Fire Science Workshop was held on June 27-28, 2023. This was a two-day event: June 27: Workshop in Darby, MT (agenda link to right) June 28: A field day based out of…

Smoke from wildfire
Jun 16, 2022Field Tour
Join NRFSN and prescribed fire experts from the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, and the University of Montana for a day of discussion about planning and implementing prescribed burns in lodgepole or subalpine forests with mixed- or…

Wildland Firefighter Health Series
May 31, 2022, Jun 1, 2022, Jun 2, 2022Workshop
During this 3-day series of presentations and panel discussions, professionals and agency leaders shared some of the current science, knowledge, and tools available to support wildland firefighter physical and mental health. The series aimed to…

salvage logging operations
Dec 7 - 8, 2021Workshop
Like the first Salvage Science Workshop (May 2021), in this workshop, participants first viewed pre-recorded presentations then came together for virtual panel discussions. All of the presentations can be viewed below. Presentations discussed on…

Post-fire salvage logging
May 6, 2021Workshop
The Salvage Science Series presented recent research on the effects of post-fire salvage logging and new tools for helping to plan salvage treatments. This event was a two-stage process. First, participants watched the four pre-recorded webinars.…