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The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN) conducts periodic Needs Assessments to identify priority topics and research needs from managers. Needs Assessments were conducted in 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018, and 2021/2022. Data are available as shown below:


Stay-tuned for the results of our 2021/2022 Needs Assessment.


A total of 164 managers and decision makers responded to the original 2011 Needs Assessment. The NRFSN developed activities and products based on this feedback:


How We Plan Our Work

All NRFSN activities and topics are based on input provided by fire specialists, other disciplinary specialists, and decision makers through: 

  • Needs Assessments,
  • specialist meetings and NRFSN-hosted events, 
  • the NRFSN website, 
  • biannual evaluation surveys, 
  • the NRFSN Advisory Board, and 
  • the Network of Fire Science Champions.