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Read the June 2024 Newsletter for a recap of the JFSP FSEN All-Exchange Meeting & Field Trip, details on the updated Wildfire Risk to Communities website, study results and video from Monica Turner's study in the Greater Yellowstone area, and much more. 

The August 2023 Traditional Knowledge and Fire Newsletter is full of research, webinars, podcasts, news, and more resources from Indigenous scholars, managers, and allies.

Read our latest research brief, produced with the Rocky Mountain Research Station: "Connected Science - How Effective Are Landscape Scale Fuel Treatments?"

Check out the resources on our Wildland Firefighter Health Hot Topic page.


Journal Articles

Leda N. Kobziar, J. Kevin Hiers, Claire M. Belcher, William J. Bond, Carolyn Enquist, E. Louise Loudermilk, Jessica R. Miesel, Joseph J. O'Brien, Juli G. Pausas, Sharon M. Hood, Robert E. Keane, Penelope Morgan, Melissa R. A. Pingree, Karen L. Riley, Hugh Safford, Francisco Seijo, J. Morgan Varner, Tamara Wall, Adam C. Watts

Kimberly T. Davis, Jamie L. Peeler, Joseph E Fargione, Ryan D. Haugo, Kerry L. Metlen, Marcos D. Robles, Travis J. Woolley

Kiam Padamsey, Ruth Wallace, Adelle Liebenberg, Martyn Cross, Jacques Oosthuizen

Regional Map