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Read the July 2024 Newsletter for information on the Joint Fire Science 2025 Notice of Funding Opportunity, new research and reviews from the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and upcoming webinar and events around the network.

The Joint Fire Science Program has announced their FY 2025 funding opportunities for Primary, Graduate Research Innovation, and Regional Exchanges, which are due by September 19, 2024. 

Primary research is solicited for several focus areas: 

  1. Accelerating science to action in fire-prone ecosystems: Spurring innovation in adaptation through knowledge exchange and place-based partnerships
  2. Cultural burning: bridging conventional science gaps with Indigenous Knowledge and relationship between cultural burning and wildfire resilience/risk
  3. Interactions between invasive plants and fire regimes and incorporation of invasives into wildland fire fuel models, risk assessments, and other decision support tools
  4. Social equity and wildland fire impacts, mitigation, response, and recovery 

If you are proposing research in or including the Northern Rockies region, please reach out early to us via this form to discuss how we can help with science delivery and potentially provide your proposal with a letter of support!

The August 2023 Traditional Knowledge and Fire Newsletter is full of research, webinars, podcasts, news, and more resources from Indigenous scholars, managers, and allies.

Read our latest research brief, produced with the Rocky Mountain Research Station: "Connected Science - How Effective Are Landscape Scale Fuel Treatments?"

Check out the resources on our Wildland Firefighter Health Hot Topic page.


Journal Articles

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Luca Carmignani, Mohammadhadi Hajilou, J. Cobian-Iniguez, Mark A. Finney, Scott L. Stephens, Michael J. Gollner, A. Carlos Fernandez-Pello

Eraldo Antonio Bonfatti Junior, Jeinna Michelly Rodrigues de Barros, Elaine Cristina Lengowski

Daniel L. Mendoza, Erik T. Crosman, Tabitha M. Benney, Corbin Anderson, Shawn A. Gonzales

Moritz Rösch, Michael Nolde, Tobias Ullmann, Torsten Riedlinger

Regional Map