All ecosystems are dynamic, changing due to growth, succession and disturbances. Modeling large landscapes in the United States requires the collective knowledge of experienced and knowledgeable vegetation and fire experts.

In collaboration with hundreds of colleagues, LANDFIRE produced more than 1,000 unique state-and-transitions models and descriptions  between 2005-2009 — one for every major ecosystem (called Biophysical Settings or BpS) mapped by the Program. The result is a major contribution to basic and applied vegetation ecology across the country. These models and descriptions play a part in national vegetation mapping and assessment, and on-the-ground management across the country.

A new phase is underway as LANDFIRE deepens and broadens the science and applicability of those models and descriptions through the “BpS Review” review project. Input from ecologists, land managers, fire practitioners and others who are interested in how vegetation systems function is critical to improve this unique encyclopedia of ecological knowledge.

Jim Smith, LANDFIRE Program Manager, will give a brief primer on Bps, a review of the dedicated website, and will show how and why the descriptions and expert review are important in the Northern Rockies region. He will end by showing how you can become involved in this significant update. Visit the BpS review webpage for more information about this effort.

Event Details

May 3 2016, 12 - 1pm
Presenter(s): Jim Smith