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Contact course coordinator below to determine the state of this event with Covid 19 cancellations.

This course helps students understand what restoration is and the concepts and practices that support it. It will teach students to distinguish among and select the appropriate approaches for restoring disturbed sagebrush ecosystems at both the landscape and project level.

For more information on the course contact Course Coordinator, Mike Pellant: 208-867-1571 or

Both DOI and non-DOI participants need to register by February 24 at DOI Talent. Non-DOI participants, visit the DOI External Learners website for instructions on using DOI Talent. Course name and location are: Restoration of Sagebrush Ecosystems 1730-60 Salt Lake City, UT

Questions on registering for the class should be directed to BLM National Training Center Coordinator, Steve Bird: 602-906-5544 or

Event Details

Mar 23 2020, 12am - Mar 27 2020, 12am