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Scientists, management professionals and outdoor enthusiasts interested in learning about the new techniques, research results, and new information in high elevation five needle pine ecosystems are invited to H5II – The Second Conference on the Research and Management of High Elevation Five Needle Pines in Western North America from October 5-7, 2021. The Conference will be entirely virtual. 

Topics will cover the full range for understanding the restoration management of ‘High-5’ species important to both US and Canada, including ecology, genetics, disturbance dynamics (beetle and fire), blister rust, rust resistance, restoration actions, planting, and climate change. This conference builds on findings from the very successful first international symposium held in 2010. Special sessions from the US National Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan (NWPRP) will be featured.

The Conference will feature:

  • Over 140 presentations given over 2-1/2 days, including nine keynote and plenary talks over the conference period. Interactive discussions accompany the presentations.
  • Virtual field trip tour of the Smith Creek Research Site in Montana
  • Poster session and interactive social activities
  • Activities for students and early career professionals for mentoring, collaboration and career development



Event Details

Oct 5 2021, 12am - Oct 7 2021, 12am