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Big data and the knowledge we glean from it are fundamentally changing the way in which resource management decisions are being made. While the use of remotely sensed data, spatial modeling, and newer processing techniques are helping to provide managers with depictions of ecosystems at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions, the sheer amount of data currently being collected has outpaced our abilities to efficiently manipulate and use those data. Newer tools, algorithms, and approaches are needed to address processing limitations and provide new opportunities to embrace the volume, variety, and velocity of big data streams. Important questions related to scale, data relevance, how to transform data into useful information, and the types of tools needed to efficiently manipulate data for natural resource management are at the forefront of the decision-making process. In this presentation we highlight new and novel approaches to processing spatial data and present three use cases that efficiently use big data streams to quantify multiple aspects of the initial forest and fuels condition while simultaneously quantifying costs of implementing various strategies to reduce wildfire risk and increase forest resilience.

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Fire Lab Seminar Series

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory has been hosting an annual seminar series since 1998. Hour-long seminars are presented by Fire Lab employees and other researchers from throughout the world. Seminars cover current research and management about the natural world from a broad range of disciplines, but most seminars usually have a wildland fire theme. The Fire Lab Seminar Series provides a platform for researchers and managers to present their work in an environment that encourages critical thought, the free exchange of ideas, and knowledge discovery. For more information, visit the Fire Lab Seminar Series page.

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Feb 23 2023, 11am - 12pm
Virtual Event
Presenter(s): John S. Hogland
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