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Michael G. Harrington
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Fire History
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest, Ponderosa pine woodland/savanna

NRFSN number: 10965
FRAMES RCS number: 2460
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Decades of fire absence from ponderosa pine/Douglas fir forests has resulted in overstocked, unhealthy, and severe fireprone stands requiring management attention. Prescribed fire can be used in three general situations during restoration management. First is when fuel loadings are excessive from either natural accumulation or harvest slash. Second is when dense understory conifers are thinned and burned. Third is when tree cutting is impractical or against policy and, therefore, applied fire may be the only practical option. Maintenance burning should be planned to coincide with future silvicultural activities or to maintain ecological processes.


Harrington, Michael G. 2000. Fire applications in ecosystem management. In: Smith, Helen Y., ed. The Bitterroot Ecosystem Management Research Project: what we have learned, symposium proceedings; 1999 May 18-20; Missoula, MT; Proceedings RMRS-P-17. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. p. 21-22.

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