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Peter R. Robichaud, T. M. Monroe
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Fire Effects
Ecological - First Order
Fire Intensity / Burn Severity
Ecological - Second Order
Fire Regime

NRFSN number: 11035
FRAMES RCS number: 7224
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Spatially-varied hydrologic surface conditions exist on steep hillslopes after timber harvest operation and site preparation burning treatments. Site preparation burning creates low- and high-severity burn surface conditions or disturbances. In this study, a hillslope was divided into multiple combinations of surface conditions to determine how their spatial arrangement would affect erosion. More erosion occurred when high-severity burn conditions occurred above low severity burn conditions. The spatial distribution of fire severity conditions on a hillslope affects predicted soil erosion rates.


Robichaud, Peter R.; Monroe, T.M. 1997. Spatially-varied erosion modeling using WEPP for timber harvested and burned hillslopes. ASAE Annual International Meeting, Minneapolis, MN. Paper No. 97-5015. St. Joseph, MI: American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

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