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The Evolving Paradigms of Aspen Ecology and Management webinar was part 2 of a longer recording. It starts at time 28:30.

In recent years, fundamental assumptions concerning aspen clonal age, regeneration, and genetic diversity have been challenged, and these findings have important implications for management and persistence of aspen in USA western forests. In his presentation, Dr. Krasnow will discuss evolving paradigms of aspen ecology and the associated challenges and opportunities for this species in the coming century, with a focus on his research on the impacts of fire severity and stand condition on aspen regeneration. Webinar presenter, Kevin Krasnow Ph.D., research and graduate faculty with the Teton Science Schools, is a disturbance ecologist interested in understanding how and why ecosystems change and identifying opportunities for increasing ecosystem resilience. His research focuses on fire history, aspen ecology and restoration, forest and fire management, and effective science education.

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Apr 19, 2016
Kevin Krasnow

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Fire Ecology
Management Approaches
Adaptive Management
Recovery after fire
Aspen woodland

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