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Roy O. Harniss, Robert B. Murray
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Fire Ecology
Fire Effects
Ecological - Second Order
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments

NRFSN number: 15395
FRAMES RCS number: 19072
TTRS number: 6487
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A sagebrush-grass range was burned according to plan in 1936. Long-term results show that sagebrush yields have increased while most other important shrub, grass, and forb yields have decreased. Evaluation by subspecies of sage-brush was helpful in interpreting sagebrush behavior. The return of sagebrush shows the need for planning sagebrush control on a continuing basis for maximum forage qualities.


Harniss, Roy O.; Murray, Robert B. 1973. 30 years of vegetal change following burning of sagebrush-grass range. Journal of Range Management 26(5):322-325.