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Peter Senge
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Human Dimensions of Fire Management
Organizational Learning & Innovation

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This book takes a systems approach to organizational learning. Senge argues that “a learning organization is a place where people are continually discovering how they create reality. And how they can change it”. This book explains why a learning organization is important and describes how to create one. The book is divided into five sections that address how individuals create their reality, as well as how they can change it. Section two delineates how the fifth discipline serves as a cornerstone for a learning organization. Section three discusses the bases of creating a learning organization including personal mastery, mental imagery, shared goals and visions, and team learning. Section four discusses obstacles that interfere with forming a learning organization, as well as ways to assist in organizational member learning. Section five suggests an additional discipline to account for future developments. This book will aid organizational members involved in establishing an atmosphere conducive to learning. It also discusses the role of management in establishing a culture of learning.


Senge, Peter M. 1990. The fifth discipline. New York: Doubleday. 432 p.

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