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Ken Wilber
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Human Dimensions of Fire Management
Organizational Learning & Innovation

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Wilber provides a brief overview of a “Theory of Everything,” which attempts to include matter, body, mind, soul, and spirit as they appear in self, culture, and nature. This theory provides an integral vision, which is a more holistic approach to the world in which we live. In order to explain the theory, Wilber devotes the first four chapters to discussing the characteristics of an integral model. Characteristics include the acceptance of multiple levels, or “waves,” of existence, numerous streams of development, multiple stages of consciousness, and the influential forces of the social system. The next three chapters are devoted to the theory’s importance in the real world in realms such as politics, governance, medicine, business, and education. Wilber concludes with a chapter on taking the theory of everything into everyday life through an “integral transformative practice”.


Wilber,Ken. 2000. A theory of everything: an integral vision for business, politics, science and spirituality. Boxton: Shambhala. 189 p.

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