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Fire Behavior
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Fire Intensity / Burn Severity

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NRFSN number: 20211

The Fire Severity Mapping System project (FIRESEV) is geared toward providing fire managers across the western United States critical information about the potential ecological effects of wildland fire at multiple levels of thematic, spatial, and temporal detail. A major component of FIRESEV is a comprehensive map of the western U.S. depicting the potential for fires to burn with high severity if they should occur. Developed as a 30m-resolution raster dataset, the map is intended to be an online resource that managers can download and use to evaluate the potential ecological effects associated with new and potential fire events. See the FIRESEV documentation page for more information and publications about the FIRESEV Severe Fire Potential map.


While the full extent of the FIRESEV Severe Fire Potential map covers all lands in the western United States, statistical modeling and mapping work was conducted separately for forested and non-forested settings in each of 17 mapping regions

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