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Fire Communication & Education
Human Dimensions of Fire Management
Human Factors of Firefighter Safety
Crew Dynamics
Decisionmaking & Sensemaking
High Reliability Organizing
Human Performance
Organizational Culture & Identity
Organizational Learning & Innovation
Psychological Safety

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NRFSN number: 206

The LLC is a cutting-edge knowledge resource center for the entire wildland fire community. The LLC provides innovative strategies, processes and tools to assist the entire wildland fire community in performing more safely and effectively—using both past and present lessons. The LLC helps the entire wildland fire community use lessons from the past and present to improve for the future. The LLC works to improve safe work practices, advance organizational learning, and share lessons learned and knowledge within the entire wildland fire community. The LLC promotes organizational change toward safer, more effective practices. It also provides a centralized resource where agencies and organizations in the wildland fire community can learn from experience and systematically problemsolve. It serves all members of the wildland fire community—federal, state, tribal and local firefighters, as well as third party organizations. The LLC provides a broad and in-depth perspective that crosses all geographical areas and transfers knowledge throughout the entire wildland fire community.

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