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Alexandra K. Urza, Peter J. Weisberg, David Board, Jeanne C. Chambers, Stanley G. Kitchen, Bruce A. Roundy
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Fire Behavior
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments
Recovery after fire

NRFSN number: 23364
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Key to the long-term resilience of dryland ecosystems is the recovery of foundation plant species following disturbance. In ecosystems with high interannual weather variability, understanding the influence of short-term environmental conditions on establishment of foundation species is essential for identifying vulnerable landscapes and developing restoration strategies. We asked how annual environmental conditions affect post-fire establishment of Artemisia tridentata, a shrub species that dominates landscapes across much of the western United States, and evaluated the influence of episodic establishment on population recovery.


Urza, Alexandra K.; Weisberg, Peter J.; Board, David; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; Roundy, Bruce A. 2021. Episodic occurrence of favourable weather constrains recovery of a cold desert shrubland after fire. Journal of Applied Ecology. doi: https://doi.org10.1111/1365-2664.13911.