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Luis Curral, Laura Carmona, Raquel Pinheiro, Vitor Reis, Maria Jose Chambel
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Wildland Firefighter Health

NRFSN number: 25665
FRAMES RCS number: 68323
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Leaders are crucial to ensuring the well-being of their subordinates. This study aims to understand the effects of two leadership styles (empowering vs. directive) on subordinates’ well-being in an emergency situation (i.e., rural fire). A simulation study was conducted with two experimental conditions (empowering vs. directive leadership), and the subordinates’ stress levels were measured before and after the simulated episode. Contrary to expectations, empowering leadership had no significant effect on subordinates’ stress levels, while directive leadership contributed to reducing them. As expected, this effect was stronger for the subordinates with higher levels of stress prior to the simulated episode.


Curral, Luís; Carmona, Laura; Pinheiro, Raquel; Reis, Vítor; Chambel, Maria José. 2023. The effect of leadership style on firefighters well-being during an emergency. Fire 6(6):233.

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