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Milad Haghani, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Mary Langridge Button, Enrico Ronchi, Erica D. Kuligowski
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Fire Communication & Education
Human Dimensions of Fire Management

NRFSN number: 26433
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Understanding human behaviour in fires (HBiF), whether in building or wildland fire contexts, is crucial for saving lives and managing evacuations. However, existing research lacks a comprehensive analysis of HBiF knowledge from both perspectives. To address this issue, we examined nearly 1900 HBiF-related research papers and their references, identifying around 6600 frequently cited references as the HBiF knowledge foundation. We focused on highly prominent items using metrics like citation frequency, burst, and centrality. By analysing co-citation patterns among these references, we unveiled current trends and waning areas of HBiF research. This study identifies knowledge gaps and potential future directions for the field, enabling both mapping of the research concerning our fundamental understanding of behavioural decision-making in fires as well as developing more effective life-saving strategies.


Haghani M, Lovreglio R, Button ML, Ronchi E, and Kuligowski E. 2024. Human behaviour in fire: Knowledge foundation and temporal evolution. Fire Safety Journal
Volume 144, March 2024, 104085.

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