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J. R. Raposo, S. Cabiddu, Domingos Xavier Viegas, M. Salis, J. Sharples
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Fire Behavior
Fire Prediction

NRFSN number: 13382
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Results from a laboratory-scale investigation of a fire spreading on the windward face of a triangular-section hill of variable shape with wind perpendicular to the ridgeline are reported. They confirm previous observations that the fire enlarges its lateral spread after reaching the ridgeline, entering the leeward face with a much wider front. Reference fire spread velocities were measured and analysed, putting in evidence the importance of the dynamic effect due to flow velocity and its associated horizontal-axis separation vortex strength without dependence on hill geometry. Similar parameters estimated from three forest fires compared favourably with the laboratory-scale measurements.


Raposo, J.R.; Cabiddu, S.; Viegas, D.X.; Salis, M.; Sharples, J. 2015. Experimental analysis of fire spread across a two-dimensional ridge under wind conditions. International Journal of Wildland Fire.

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