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Jiann C. Yang
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Fire Behavior
Data Evaluation or Data Analysis for Fire Modeling

NRFSN number: 16440
FRAMES RCS number: 25505
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A dimensional analysis was performed to correlate the fuel bed fire rate of spread data previously reported in the literature. Under wind condition, six pertinent dimensionless groups were identified, namely dimensionless fire spread rate, dimensionless fuel particle size, fuel moisture content, dimensionless fuel bed depth or dimensionless fuel loading density, dimensionless wind speed, and angle of inclination of fuel bed. Under no-wind condition, five similar dimensionless groups resulted. Given the uncertainties associated with some of the parameters used to estimate the dimensionless groups, the dimensionless correlations using the resulting dimensionless groups correlate the fire rates of spread reasonably well under wind and no-wind conditions.


Yang, Jiann C. 2018. Dimensional analysis on forest fuel bed fire spread. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48(1):105-110.

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