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Miles Currie, Kevin Speer, J. Kevin Hiers, Joseph J. O'Brien, Scott L. Goodrick, Bryan Quaife
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Fire Behavior
Simulation Modeling
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments

NRFSN number: 19200
FRAMES RCS number: 57041
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Wildland fire dynamics are a complex three-dimensional turbulent process. Cellular automata (CA) is an efficient tool to predict fire dynamics, but the main parameters of the method are challenging to estimate. To overcome this challenge, we compute statistical distributions of the key parameters of a CA model using infrared images from controlled burns. Moreover, we apply this analysis to different spatial scales and compare the experimental results with a simple statistical model. By performing this analysis and making this comparison, several capabilities and limitations of CA are revealed.


Currie, Miles; Speer, Kevin; Hiers, J. Kevin; O'Brien, Joseph J.; Goodrick, Scott L.; Quaife, Bryan. 2019. Pixel-level statistical analyses of prescribed fire spread. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 49(1):18-26.

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