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Lightning is a natural, cleansing process - a rebirth of forest and plants

Following the Waterton fires, aspen and trees burned away and native grasses emerged

Burned areas to get rid of small pox historically - fire used to chase away the bad spirit - fire in the metaphysical - the spiritual protection

Elders spoke of buffalo that avoid areas with the smell of death.

Elders burned portions of the buffalo harvest area so the buffalo would not be afraid to come back. The burning would draw the buffalo to the new grass.

Fire is to be respected - there has to be a reason and intention when starting a fire

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Crown of the Continent Forum 2021

The Crown Managers Partnership partnered with the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and others to bring you the 2021 Fire in the Crown of the Continent Forum, which was held virtually from March 22nd to March 26th.

The Crown Managers Partnership is a multi-jurisdictional partnership among federal, state, provincial, tribal, and first nation agency managers and universities in Montana, Alberta, and British Columbia. Annual forums facilitate networking opportunities, build collaboration, and deepen understanding of common issues in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

View the Forum Report (in the Files block) with summaries from presentations and special sessions (published November 2021).

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Mar 23, 2021
Mike Bruised Head, Marty Williams, Tony Harwood, Monique D. Wynecoop

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Mar 22 - 26 2021, All day

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Fire & Traditional Knowledge

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